Perihelion has developed these ten recommendations for Arkansans who are looking to generate their own solar power:

Perihelion Solar is committed to growing the solar power industry in Arkansas, and this means we must protect Arkansas consumers, ensuring they are informed and have a great experience moving to solar power.

Number 1

Ensure your contractor allows a three-day cancelation period in their contract.

Number 2

Verify that your chosen contractor is properly licensed. Search for your contractor by following this link to the Arkansas Contractors State Licensing Board database.

Number 3

Know the total cost of the solar array and battery system, not just a monthly cost of a loan.

Number 4

Make sure you make your home is energy-efficient first.

Number 5

Any questions you have about the process, from the signing of the contract to turning on your array, will be answered by a good solar contractor. The contractor must give you an accurate timeline to start and finish an array or battery installation, but understand that there may be delays outside of the contractor’s control.

Number 6

Ensure that you are taught how to operate and maintain your array. Ensure that you are provided with proof of your warranty for the solar equipment. 

Number 7

Ask for references before you choose your contractor. 

Number 8

Get multiple bids, but do not always pick the lowest price provider. A low bid may indicate that the equipment may be low quality or that the contractor may intend to cut corners..

Number 9

Make sure your roof is a good candidate for solar: the roof is in good condition and there is not too much shade from trees, roof penetrations, or other buildings.

Number 10

Make sure your homeowner’s insurance covers the replacement cost of the solar array.