Switching to solar energy is a great alternative for anyone who values independence and efficiency.

Site Potential

A Perihelion associate will be in contact to ensure a viable location for the solar project to be built. Factors considered include structural integrity and orientation of your rooftop design, as well as slope and soil type with ground arrays. There are many influences that directly affect the final designs, which is why a Perihelion professional will guide clients to the most suitable option.

Preliminary Quote

Once the site has been assessed for practical design locations, a solar analysis will be generated using state of art design software. This quote will contain the most affordable solar system design for energy and economic security.

Final Proposal

At this stage, the final design will be optimized with intent to allow for the customer to pursue energy development. Specific materials and labor required for the job will be determined along with a final price tag.

Signed Contract

When all of the steps above have been completed and fully agreed upon by the customer, a contract to begin construction will presented for signature and a deposit will be collected.

Order Materials

After the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, Perihelion Solar will order all required supplies. Normally, modules and inverters can take five to ten days to be delivered.

Permitting & Approvals

Perihelion Solar prides itself on quality solar project development while being a good neighbor, which requires commitment to the permitting and approval of our solar projects. Our development team will work with you and your local utility to submit all required paperwork and permits.

Build Project

With the material ready to be installed a Perihelion Solar work crew member(s) will come to the site to outline on ground or rooftop projects the location of the array. Once the location is appealing to the customer construction will begin. Generally, installations take one to two weeks depending on the size of the system and weather conditions.

Commission the Site

After the install is complete, Perihelion Solar will schedule and coordinate all required inspections. After all inspections are complete and paperwork submitted, Perihelion Solar will turn your system on so you can enjoy clean, low-cost solar energy.